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6 In 1 Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Massager

6 In 1 Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Massager

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6 In 1 Ultrasound Cavitation EMS Body Slimming Massager. A Fat Burning and Sculpting Machine. With Galvanic Infrared Ultrasonic Wave Therapy.
Red light ( 640 nm transparent skin 1-6 mm ) Improve acne marks, skin rejuvenation increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition, etc.

Green light ( 530 nm transparent skin 2 mm )
Good calm for allergic skin and body and mind.

Blue light ( 423 nm transparent skin 1 mm ) For calming allergic skin, it is very good to repair acne and suppress acne bacteria.

Yellow light ( 582 nm transparent skin 1-2 mm ) It is very good for calming allergic skin, repairing acne and acne, and effectively improving skin redness.

Purple light ( RED 640 nm+ BLUE 423 nm ) At the same time, deep beauty for skin is carried out to promote cell regeneration and collagen secretion.

Cyan light ( Blue 423 nm + Green 530 nm ) Skin inflammation fades, reduce oil secretion, and accelerates metabolism of active tissues.
The Charm 0f Ultrasound (Ultrasound Frequency 1mhz) One million high frequency microseisms per second can change the volume and movement of each cell in human tissues, accelerate metabolism and promote tissue regeneration.

Far Infrared Physiotherapy Far infrared ray can penetrate into subcutaneous tissue of skin; promote atomic and molecular resonance of human cells, promote fat burning and accelerate blood circulation.

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